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National Center for eCommerce Businesses

NCECB was founded to assist eCommerce businesses engaged in online retail activities in the USA that would benefit from being part of a national network that provides valuable services and products. We strive to address the problems faced by every eCommerce business, provide certifications that will prove capabilities, and provide access to informative webinars and events.

Our flagship product is the eCommerce Capabilities Certification (eC3) for eCommerce companies. Through a private and proprietary test of your company's overall readiness, eC3 helps identify areas of improvement as well as, upon passing results, demonstrate capabilities. 

What we do

The National Center for eCommerce Businesses provides businesses certification, networking, education, and consulting services to help their company's reach their fullest potential. Through identifying areas of improvement and strategies to invest in your business growth, we hope to not only help company's currently conducting business through ecommerce but help those transitioning to ecommerce so they can get on track for success and understand what they need for it.

Our mission

The National Center for eCommerce Businesses seeks to establish the core standard for ecommerce retail (B2C, B2B, D2C) so businesses have a clear picture of the capabilities they require. Through building such a standard, we aim to establish a clear and focused framework for conducting ecommerce activities for suppliers, marketplaces, and service providers. Instead of companies re-inventing the wheel to enter ecommerce, we aim to offer our services to give them the foundation from which they can build their own brand from. This will allow them to spend less time relying on trial and error, instead investing in their growth and marketing.

Our vision

The National Center for eCommerce Businesses envisions a future where not only this core standard exists for ecommerce but also opportunities for both businesses and individuals to have access to valuable resources and training that will improve their capabilities. We are striving to evolve beyond certification and offer individual training and certification that will train qualified employees or allow freelancers to demonstrate their knowledge in ecommerce. We also hope to build a team of experts who will be able to provide staff augmentation that will allow the NCECB to provide the expertise of a skilled team for vital projects.

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