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eC3 Certification

The eCommerce Capabilities Certificate (eC3™) serves to identify the capability level of eCommerce businesses which helps prove your company's ability to effectively engage in eCommerce activities.

Both sellers and marketplaces require a core foundation of capabilities for eCommerce operation. These basics are vital to engage in eCommerce such as product data, shipping, inventory, customer service, and marketing. With additional investment, these vital capabilities can be improved, additional technology can be integrated, and investment can be made in automation of business operations.


The NCECB's three tiers of the eC3 help certify your eCommerce business capabilities and allow you to demonstrate this achievement. Our certification methodology, built on years of experience with eCommerce, will not only gauge your capabilities but identify areas of improvement. Learn more about the certification process or read our FAQ to find answers for common questions. 

eC3 Copper Level.png

Copper Level

Entry Certification

For eCommerce businesses that have achieved the basics.

eC3 Gold Level.png

Gold Level

Intermediate Certification

For eCommerce businesses that have invested in their capabilities.

eC3 Platinum Level.png

Platinum Level

Advanced Certification

For eCommerce businesses with fully developed capabilities.

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