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Application Review

Once your application for certification is submitted, our team will review your application to determine if any additional information is required before moving the process forward.

Membership is required to obtain and maintain the eC3 certification. For annual renewals, certified businesses will receive a self-report request to note any changes.

Preliminary Analysis

Upon application approval, we will reach out to schedule an initial appointment to understand your current business operations. This will help us adjust for category-specific factors.

Following the initial appointment, we will confirm whether your business meets the minimum requirements to begin eC3 assessment.

Capabilities Review

The assessment will begin following the preliminary analysis. Our team will communicate with the point of contact and schedule times to review your business capabilities in various areas (operations, warehousing, technology etc.) based on the eC3 tier being assessed.

Site visits may be scheduled depending on circumstances.



Once the capabilities review is completed, categories will be scored according to the eC3 rubric. Receiving a grade score equivalent to 80% will result in being awarded the eC3 seal with the awarded year.


Companies that fall short of required passing score will be able to utilize the report to determine areas of improvement. We will also offer our services to help improve capabilities to pass. 

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