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Member Services

Every member of the National Center for eCommerce Businesses will have access to a wide variety of services they can request. These services will be provided at a members-only discount and some will only be exclusive to our members who have joined our network and support our mission to promote productive and profitable eCommerce business.

Strategic Planning & Consultation

Members are qualified to request and obtain consultation from our team in helping them with business strategy, designing a business plan and company presentation, and assisting in thought leadership to put your business on track for success. We will work with your team and managers to troubleshoot any problems and optimize business activities.

Business Development & Software

We offer members business development services to help them find new growth paths, onboard with new marketplaces and retailers, find suppliers or buyers, and assist in obtaining software upgrades to their business. Through our partner referrals, we present you with service providers we have experience with and confidence in, and we will work with them in a supporting role to ensure integration goes smoothly.

Marketing & Copywriting

Not only do we provide partner referrals for marketing services and software, we are able to provide members a better understanding of the marketing process not just limited to pay-per-click (PPC) advertising but brand recognition, promotion and discount strategy, and private label/white label products. Our team also provides copywriting services to develop marketing content (bullet points, descriptions, titles etc.) and item submission template preparation to expedite your go-to-market and let you focus on growth.

Training & Education

Beyond the specific areas of service we provide, our goal is also to help businesses learn more about eCommerce, understand the requirements, and build up staff and management that is able to confidently conduct operations. Towards that end, we offer both training services and educational resources specifically geared towards your company's needs. These are customized to help optimize the capabilities of your team and allow your business to grow without unnecessary expenses. We are available to provide speaking engagements, presentations, workshops, and direct training. 

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Let's Get Started

If you're looking for expert eCommerce consultation, assessment and certification of your business, and membership in a growing network, you've come to the right place. We look forward to working with you and helping your eCommerce business start and grow!

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